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Alma’s Room

ALMA’S ROOM is a story about the love between an alcoholic father and his estranged daughter.

15-year-old Alma has never had a proper relationship with her Bosnian father Daris. But when her mother and step-father forces her to move out, she has to move in with her, until now, absentee father: an unemployed, alcoholic war veteran with PTSD artistic father obsessed with drawing nonfigurative doodles.

A father who is unable to even take care of himself now also has to take care of his teenage daughter. But no matter how hard Daris tries to make her feel at home with him, he cannot give up all his bad habits. Now he has to decide not only what is best for him, but what is best for his daughter.

Director: Emil Falke
Producer: Amalie Lyngbo Quist
Writer: Sissel Dalsgaard Thomsen, Emil Falke
Main Cast: Dejan Čukić

Supported by: DFI

In Development