Beo Starling


ROSE (30) is an ambitious elite jumping rider engaged to the wealthy WILLIAM (37). She discovers an e-mail to William with a picture of a naked woman from his close friend and mentor Ruben – a retired veterinarian professor, who is now producing dietary supplements to make people look younger. She suspects that William is having an affair and follows him to the family-owned dairy. Going into the basement, a nightmarish scenario is revealed: It’s filled with cells, where women are being held and abused. She is trapped herself. A journey towards freedom begins while themes of sexuality, fertility and the quest for eternal youth are combined with the rapidly growing and extremely interesting world of rejuvenation therapy, stemcell research and biohacking – it will be horrific.

Director: Jens Dahl
Producer: Amalie Lyngbo Quist, Maria Møller Christoffersen
Writer: Sissel Dalsgaard Thomsen
Supported by: DFI by consultant Mikkel Munk Fals

Status: In Production