Ditzel All Inklusiv

Ditzel All Inklusiv is a web-series in 6 episodes produced for TV 2 PLAY.
Hey, what is this? Oh, it’s just Jacob Ditzel who is now so fucking famous, that TV 2 now wants to hire him and Lars to make a series of reports from Majorca, where they will talk about cathedrals and drip caves. Boring! Jacob has no intentions of making an old-fashioned tv-show. No, he just got his bronze on, like all the other fucking famous people.

Director: Lars Therkildsen

Writer: Lars Therkildsen
Producer: Maria Møller Christoffersen

Main Cast: Lars Therkildsen, Charter McCloskey

Production Company: Grasværk

Type: Web-series, Comedy, TV2 PLAY
Status: TV
Year of production: 2017