Beo Starling

Now or Never

NOW OR NEVER is a romantic comedy about 30-year-old Adrian, who left the stressful creative milieu in Copenhagen behind to work as a kindergarten teacher in a small village in Jutland. He also left behind the love of his life, the fashion design student Jørgen, whose ambitions and jet set lifestyle came between them. Adrian is devastated when he receives an invitation to the extravagant wedding between Jørgen and the famous YouTuber Morten, but his redneck hipster “Aunt Slap” insists that they attend the wedding together, in order for Adrian to tell Jørgen how he feels and win him back before it is too late.

Director: Sven Vinge
Producer: Amalie Lyngbo Quist
Writer: Sven Vinge

Supported by: DFI

Status: In Development